Reflection on EDC 601

Even though the reality of having another course after teaching the whole day was really stressful just thinking about it, coming to this class was such a treat. Who can ever not take a course that teaches you how to use technology? 

I learned a lot of stuff that can be use in the future for my classes like using iMovie which I can ask my students to record their rehearsal practice of their instrument at home. The use of Screencast-o-matic was quite an amazing experience. 

My  experience from this course is priceless and I would like to do it again if I have to. i can’t wait to apply what I have gained to my students. 



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My Very First Screencast (How to use Sibelius 6 using just your computer)

As part of completion in our course, we are assigned to make a ScreenCast to be uploaded to your own YouTube account using  “Screencast-o-matic” hope you enjoy:

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Tokyo 360 Freaky Awesome

Something that I have stumbled upon the internet during the summer going online was this site. I was reminded of this when I visited Jen’s blog about sorting pictures. It was taken in one tower in Tokyo. Awesome on the 360 views and zooming in and out. CAN YOU FIND THE MAN WALKING TOWARDS CHURCH?

Here is a youtube of how to use and history:


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Film project for EDC 601 using iMovie

Last September 21, 2013 was the 41st year anniversary of Marshall Law that was declared here in the Philippines. During that day we were here in International School Manila attending  a Masters course about technology. (how could you miss that?)

We were given a small project to work on groups to make a Podcast using (Audacity and Garage Band) or to make a video using iMovie. At first I was skeptical about doing the project because I have no idea how to make one. I became part of a group with Eamon, and Carmel. So it was an Art teacher, Science teacher, and me the Band teacher making the movie.

What we planned first was, what will be the movie be about? Since we are doing our project in the Art room we grabbed two sketch pad and started writing what we think the topic should be.  I blurted out the life of a “Security Guard” in ISM but instead we went the other way: “make a video for new students” sort of a guide where to go. We writing ideas in the sketch pad and at the same time directing how to make the shoot.

What was interesting in our project was the vision of making it awesome! The split screen was a tricky one to do but as advised by Steve our teacher to watch Youtube videos on how to do it. We learned how to do it from I think he sounds like a ten year old kid.

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Cool school…what will be the teacher role in the future???

With the videos that has caught our attention when we were split into group was the idea in the near future 2020 this is what’s gonna happen: “Digital classes students gives ideas of how games/digital games should be made and played.”

It made me wondered of the future the same as Carmel described in her blog post. Cool School


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Teacher’s should stand up for the challenge?

Reading the article by Marc Prensky made my eye brow raise with question: ”

“The old teacher that was enthusiastic and engaging in their respecting class won’t be as effective with today’s audience or students”.


Photo Credit: aawiseman via Compfight cc

They should be at a certain point like these teachers:

That makes gaming more desirable with students.. that is what we always do in each of our classes. Hoping in the digital age the teacher still gives the last say.

Here is an article by Pascale Mompoint-Gaillard that might be the answer to teachers: How Educators take up the Challenge?


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Almost Armed and READY with TWITTER

This is likely not the same as you are to write a novel or literature whether grammatical or not. Just post whatever you feel at the exact moment your group that care about you would respond.

It makes you even more connect to people that you were connected to before now in another country. TWITTER GIVES YOU INSTANT FEEDBACK (Like what we need with our students). Teacher Tweet 

Can’t wait to make an account. 🙂  teacher_collaboration_with_twitter



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